Depending on the area you work in, have two monitors to carry out their activities is almost crucial. Even in areas that do not require as much equipment or tech, having two screens to consult data at the same time, write, check notifications, etc. can help, a lot, to save your time in that opening and closing of tabs.

However, not everyone has two monitors to help with the flow of everyday activities. But we have good news for you, you can split just one screen into up to four parts and work on them all at the same time.


The feature is a native shortcut of Windows, that is, you don't need to download any external application and you need to have this operating system on your computer. Follow the tutorial below and learn how to split your PC screen.

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How to split the computer screen?

1. With one of the tabs open, press the Windows key – the one with the four little windows – and tap the arrow to the right of the keyboard. The arrow directs where the tab will open;

Keyboard with shortcut to split computer screen. Image: Olhar Digital
Picture: Olhar Digital

2. The tabs will automatically split. The one that was open will be moved to the right side and the others will appear as miniatures on the left side. Choose which one you want to open to access together – you can select with the mouse;

Computer Desktop Tabs
Computer Desktop Tabs

3. To open a third tab and split the screen into three, press the Windows button again and tap the up – or down arrow. To still have a fourth screen, do the same procedure, but first tap on the page that is still full – where it clearly fits another “half tab” open.

Computer Desktop Tabs
Computer Desktop Tabs

Ready! Split screens. You can work on all four at the same time. If you have other tabs, you can also access them – in the traditional way – without changing the dimensions of the others. Example: if you have a screen divided into four (Excel, Google, PowerPoint and Documents) and need to return to another one (Word), you can click normal and, to go back and find the four tabs in the same way, minimize Word .

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