The famous green backgrounds, often used in movies, reached the cellular and social networks for some time. Called “Green Screen”, the tool is TikTok's darling filter, as well as Instagram, and lets you choose both an image and a video to serve as the background for the production.

The content to be used can be selected directly from your smartphone's media library. The tool can make your creation a fun and dynamic content, as well as assist in the presentation of important images or videos that require more in-depth explanations.


The ability to add background images has dominated not only social media filters, but also video meeting applications such as Zoom and Google Meet.

The Google app, for example, released last year the possibility of customizing the environment in which the user is, being possible to change the real background of a messy room for an office, or even an image of some paradisiacal beach. To learn more about this change on Meet, please click here.

But now, let's get down to business.

How to use green screen effect in TikTok?

1. Open the app, click the “+” icon, to record a content, and select effects;

2. The Green Screen effect – or Green Screen – is usually the first one that appears in the “Popular” tab. Click on it and then tap the “+” and choose a photo from your gallery to be your new background;

3. The photo will appear on the screen. With your fingers, you can set the size dimensions on the display and then just start recording by pressing the center button of the app;

4. It is possible to add more than one photo to the background during recording. Just pause the video, tap on the effect icon again, add another image, and continue recording. At the end, click “Next” and “Publish” to post the video;

Lhey more!

Tip: for those who don't have a person to assist in the production of the video, TikTok has a timer, which starts recording by itself. It is also possible to add sound and various effects to make the content more fun and lively.

Ready! Now you know how to use Green Screen in TikTok. Enjoy the filter and share the experience with friends.

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