YouTube became the Whatsapp most popular in the world, with more than 10 billion downloads recorded on Android devices. Of course, the fact that the app comes installed by default on most devices running the Google operating system helps with that mark. But the service it is also quite popular among iOS users.

Currently, there are just over 3 billion active Android devices in the world. The 10 bi mark was reached considering all the system devices that the video app has gone through over the years.


YouTube on Android

YouTube ranks second in number of installs and the reason for this is obvious: who leads this brand on Android is not an ordinary app, but Google Play Services, which runs in the background along with several other apps and has no interaction of user.

Altogether, YouTube claims to have about 2 billion users worldwide. Every month, about 105 million people interact on the video platform.

Recently, the video network expanded opportunities and launched a shelf of products for the public to buy directly from the site's content creators. This monetization, however, still faces some obstacles. It is necessary, for example, that the user promotes affiliate links to stores online through the description of the videos.

Seeking to meet demand, YouTube announced this Wednesday (21) that it is testing a new feature on Android to make it easier for viewers to buy products directly from videos streamed live on the platform.

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