In an unprecedented partnership, launched this Thursday (22), Sebrae (Brazilian Support Service for Micro and Small Businesses) joined FAPESP (Research Support Foundation of the State of São Paulo) to support the startup development science-based and technology across the state.

Together, the two entities promise to invest R$150 million, in six years, to finance around 150 projects within the PIPE Program (Innovative Research in Small Businesses). 

Sebrae-SP and FAPESP sign an unprecedented partnership to support science and technology startups. Image: Darko 1981- Shutterstock

In addition to supporting research, made possible with resources from FAPESP, the resources from Sebrae may be used by companies for actions to access the market and develop proof of concept with large technology companies. Sebrae will also offer specialized service to scientific startups.

In the amount of R$25 million, the first public notice will support research for the development of innovation in all areas of knowledge, selecting 20 startups to receive, each one, up to R$1,25 million non-refundable. 

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These resources should be used to fund the research and development stages (R$1 million), as well as to assist in aspects of business management, such as commercial development, participation in fairs, internationalization and investment fundraising (BRL 250 thousand).

Sebrae-SP and FAPESP partnership aims to support entrepreneurs

In addition to the development notices, the partnership will provide assistance to entrepreneurs, with management training, marketing support and technical support for patent registration. 

The initiative is part of the Scientist + Entrepreneur Program, launched by Sebrae in order to subsidize researchers and scientific entrepreneurs to bring innovations to the market, acting in partnership with universities, technology parks and incubators in the state of São Paulo.

Wilson Poit, superintendent director of Sebrae-SP, points out that, generally, the profile of scientific startups entrepreneurs is quite technical, but it needs to be improved in terms of business management. “Scientific startups entrepreneurs face difficulties when it comes to management and face the challenges of bringing their technologies to market and relating to large companies,” says Poit. “We know that there are solutions with great transformation potential. We are going to help make these projects happen and take them to the market”.

For Marco Antonio Zago, FAPESP's president, the partnership with Sebrae could expand the PIPE's reach and the opportunities for entrepreneurs in the state to take their products to the market. "We will join efforts to reinforce entrepreneurship with a better knowledge of the market and the improvement of business plans, increasing the chances of success of innovative initiatives".

Proposals can be submitted until October 19th.

The notice, which will be open until October 19, will receive proposals for small businesses (with up to 250 employees) with a research and development unit in the state of São Paulo and revenues of up to R$4,8 million. 

According to the IPNews website, the selection team will assess the consistency and feasibility of the Business Planning. The document should demonstrate the strategy the company intends to use to generate revenue from the proposed innovative research. 

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