According to information from inep (National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira), Enem (National High School Exam) of 2021 had 3.109.762 confirmed entries.

Among the total number, Inep registered 3.040.871 subscribers for the test in person, while for the digital modality 68.891 participants were confirmed. Both versions charged a fee of R$85 and will be applied on the same dates: November 21st and 28th.


According to Agência Brasil, Enem Digital will be exclusive for those who have already completed high school or are completing this year. Applicants with only self-assessment intent — the famous “trainers” — will have to participate in the printed version.

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The candidate must enter the Participant's Page with the single login of the portals. to check the status of the application. It is also on this page that subscribers will be able to monitor the progress of requests made and file possible appeals.

Enem 2021: no right to tax exemption for those who were afraid of Covid-19

Participants who missed Enem 2020 for fear of taking Covid-19 were not entitled to the registration fee exemption in the 2021 edition of test. The decision is the Federal Court of São Paulo, which decided not to accept a request from the Public Defender of the Union.

The request was so that students who missed the last edition could use the pandemic as a justification for not having to pay the fee again in 2021. The reasons accepted by Inep continue to be traffic accidents, medical emergencies, family deaths and others that may be checked on the official website.

To know more, access the report of Olhar Digital.

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