There is no peace for the consumer. At all times it is necessary to be careful not to fall for blows. A video that went viral recently on social networks and in groups of WhatsApp, fur Brazil, showed how a delivery person filmed a customer's card data in a delivery scam.

In the images, a lady has the data recorded when making the payment for the food. The video is apparently made by the delivery person's own cell phone. The woman goes to the door, in São Paulo, to receive the food and does not notice the camera on.


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The man then films the numbers on the front and back of the debit card while distracting the customer. He asks her to wait for the satellite signal to charge. Still in the viral video, it is possible to see the delivery guy's face.

Then he offers to light the little machine so that the lady can type in the password. The customer accepts and he also registers the personal code. Wanted by BBC News Brazil, the woman did not respond.

Also according to BBC News Brazil, the Secretariat of Public Security of São Paulo said only to manifest itself on the issue if the victim makes a police report. The agency also highlighted the need for victims to report, in person at the police stations or by the Electronic Police, so that the crimes can be investigated.

The case, unfortunately, is not an isolated one. Procon data from São Paulo show that scams during the delivery of food ordered by applications similar to this jumped 186% when comparing the periods of January to May this year compared to the same time last year.

image of credit cards being pierced with a hook
Procon advises consumers to always keep the card in their hands. Image: wk1003mike/Shutterstock

How to protect yourself

The institution gave some prevention tips:

  1. Refuse machines where data cannot be read or with a broken display;
  2. Check the purchase amount;
  3. Preferably pay only on the application;
  4. Do not pass data over the phone;
  5. Be wary if the delivery person informs you of an extra fee;
  6. Keep the card handy;
  7. Pay attention when entering the password.

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