O Space Gaze this Friday (23), at 21 pm, talks about meteor showers and receives as a guest Lauriston Trinity, Senai teacher of Fortaleza, in Ceará, and a member of Bramon, the Brazilian Meteorological Observation Network, since July 2015.

He is co-discoverer of the first meteor showers found by Brazilians and the meteor showers associated with asteroids 2019 OK and 2017 NT5, discovered by Sonear. He is also a member of the IMO (International Meteor Organization) and was representative of Brazil and Bramon at the International Meteor Conference in 2017, in Serbia, and in 2018, in Slovenia.


Presented by Rafael Rigues, editor of Science and Space do Olhar Digital, and Marcelo Zurita, president of the Associação Paraibana de Astronomia — APA; member of the SAB — Brazilian Astronomical Society; technical director of Bramon — Brazilian Meteor Observation Network — and regional coordinator (Northeast) of the asteroid day Brazil, the program about astronomy is broadcast live, every Friday, at 21 pm, through the official channels of the vehicle on the YouTubeFacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedIn e TikTok.

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