A giant sandstorm, more than 100 meters high, hit the city of Dunhuang on the banks of the river. gobi desert, in northwestern China. The phenomenon was recorded by several residents of the locality and generated impressive images, which resemble scenes from disaster movies or from the dust raised by the desert races of the last "Mad Max".

With about 190.000 inhabitants, Dunhuang is a quiet city, by Chinese standards the city has a very rich history and is on the ancient Silk Road. The city has several tourist attractions important ones, such as the Caves of Mogao, which were considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1987, for their temples with Buddhist statues and ancient wall paintings.


Event is common, but not now

The sandstorm hit the city last Sunday (25) and caused the city landscape to momentarily disappear amidst gigantic clouds of dust. Sandstorms are relatively common during spring in the region, but are rare in the region. summer, which is the current season of the year in Gansu Province where the city is located.

In an interview with the Chinese portal Jimu News, a resident identified only as Zhang stated that the sandstorm came abruptly and swept over the city skyline in just five minutes, and that it was even impossible to see the sun. Being from a city near a desert, Dunhuang has faced other such storms, but none of this size in recent years.

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According to the resident, the storm started mild and yellowish, with a color more similar to the sands of the Gobi Desert. It then gained a color closer to red and finally turned black, generating the impressive images that were recorded during the apex of the storm.

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