Scientists analyzed the vital signs of the Land and came to a sad conclusion: the planet is heading towards a terminal phase and is already in the ICU. Of 31 metrics that assess ecological health created by researchers from numerous universities around the world, in 18 of them the results are unsatisfactory. The report with the alarming data was published in the magazine BioScience and brings together an update of 14.000 experts who attested to the information.

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Among the main concerns of scientists are the high atmospheric levels of methane and carbon dioxide, which reached a record level. Allied to this, the Arctic ice and glaciers are at the lowest level ever. Also, sea level and ocean temperatures are at their maximum.

Global Warming Glacier
Scientists claim that the alarming state of planet Earth goes far beyond global warming, having as its main cause the human overexploitation of natural resources. Image: Bernhard Staehli/Shutterstock

The increase in Amazon deforestation recorded in recent years is also included in the report, with visible damage that is already causing numerous climate changes, such as global warming, water crisis and torrential rains in Europe. "The weather is behaving in a shocking and unexpected way," Tim Lenton, director of the Institute for Global Systems at the University of Exeter, told AFP.

Scientists claim that there are many other symptoms of the chaotic situation that need to be treated seriously, that is, there are problems as accentuated as global warming that require public policies to combat and more environmental awareness on the part of the population.

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Planet on the brink of chaos

"We need to stop treating the climate emergency as an autonomous issue - global warming is not the only symptom of our stressed earth system," Oregon State University ecologist William Ripple told AFP. According to him, the cause of all the ills suffered by the planet is precisely human overexploitation.

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