Scheduled for 2022, the fifth film in the 'Predator' franchise will be a prequel to the series started in theaters in 1987, with Arnold Schwarzenegger. In an interview with Collider, producer John Davis revealed that the next chapter in the saga, titled 'Skull', will feature the arrival of the alien race. The direction is in charge of Dan Trachtenberg, of the great 'Rua Cloverfield, 10' (2016).

'Skull' will have a female character as its protagonist, which is still a secret, as the cast has not been revealed. “I've always found this idea interesting,” Davis reinforced about choosing a woman to headline the film. The producer also said that filming is close to completion.

Photo shows Arnold Schwarzenegger in a scene from the first film, in a jungle.
Producer compared new film to the original 'The Predator', starring Schwarzenegger. Credit: 20th Century Fox/Disclosure

Davis also said that 'Skull' should have a tone closer to the first film in the series, showing the challenge of one person alone facing the threat. “It goes back to what the original 'Predator' did. It is the ingenuity of a human being who does not give up, who is able to observe and interpret, being able to defeat a stronger, more powerful and better armed force”, he explained.

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Half 'Predator', half 'The Return'

Despite the comparison with the 2015s classic directed by John McTiernan (who also commanded 'Tough to Kill'), another of the film's producers, John Fox, stated in the same interview that 'Skull' is closer to 'The Return' (XNUMX) than any other title in the 'Predator' series. “You will understand what I mean when you watch it”, he guaranteed.

For those who haven't seen or don't remember 'The Return', the film is based on real events and follows Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio), an explorer who was attacked by a bear and abandoned by his fellow expedition members. Badly wounded, he manages to survive and seek revenge against those who left him behind. The role, by the way, earned him Oscar for best actor for DiCaprio.