O Flamengo and the Mercado Livre organized an emotional surprise for the red-black idol Zico in a Father's Day campaign. The companies allowed Galinho de Quintino to hear the “voice” of his father, José Antunes Coimbra, which was recreated through artificial intelligence and reproduced over the loudspeakers of the Maracanã stadium, in Rio de Janeiro, where Zico made history.

The campaign's motto was to make the shirt 10 of Gávea, for the first time, "feel the presence of his father" in the temple where he scored 334 of the 587 goals of his career. In the video, Zico recalled that “Seu Antunes”, as the ace's father was known, never managed to see his son in action in the Maracanã.


By recreating his voice by artificial intelligence, Zico's father “asked” for the opportunity to see his son score a goal in the stadium. In the video, Zico explains that his father had serious heart problems, which prevented him from seeing his son play at Maracanã. Therefore, he would score his 335th goal in the stadium and dedicate it to “Seu Antunes”.

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Zico's father even saw his two sons soccer players, Zico and Edu, who was a star at América/RJ, acting as professionals, however, in the case of the youngest, never in the stadium, because of the fear that “Your Antunes” had a heart attack. But, on TV, he saw his son help Flamengo win the Brazilian of 1980, 1982 and 1983, in addition to the Copa Libertadores of 1981.

“Seu Antunes” earned his living as a tailor, but he also had a talent for football. In the early 1940s he became an amateur goalkeeper and was called to test at Flamengo, but he ended up not going after being threatened with dismissal by his boss, who was fanatical about Vasco. For his place, he nominated Jurandyr, who was champion of Rio de Janeiro for Rubro-Negro.

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José Antunes Coimbra died in December 1986, when his son was already the biggest idol in the history of his heart club, “Seu Antunes” was 85 years old and was the victim of a heart attack.

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