Everything that's good doesn't last long, the saying goes, and the Brazilian was definitely not prepared for the end of the Olympics in Tokyo – just now that we were getting used to winning medals. The country ended the edition of the Olympic Games with its best performance ever: 21 medals in all, including seven golds, six silvers and eight bronzes. The result in Japan represented a milestone for Brazil, but also for twitterers, champions in analyzing events (of any type). Check out the memes that went viral on Twitter.

The best of Brazil is, without a doubt, the Brazilian. The Tokyo Olympics came to an end last Sunday (8), but the event – ​​and the memes that bombed on Twitter – will be immortalized in memory. Credits: Shutterstock

A meme factory called Galvão Bueno


We already know that Galvão is legendary, but in these Olympics he was a show apart. An internal camera, provided by Globo, revealed the narrator's suffering during Rebeca Andrade's presentations in the finals of the artistic gymnastics for women. Galvão not only renewed our stock of memes, but also showed that his reactions can be as iconic as his narrations. It's him, Brazil!

Karen Jonz's Skate Comments

After making history as one of the first Brazilian skaters to compete internationally, Karen Jonz brightened the broadcasts of the new Olympic sport with comments like “she snogged at the championship” and “she arrived putting the slug on the table”. For these and others, she was applauded by the Twitter galara, who enjoyed the unfiltered spontaneity of the four-time world champion of skateboard.

Tokyo Olympics, awakening the best (worst) in us

The slogan “awakening the best in us”, by Globo and SporTV channels, was created with the objective of rescuing the Olympic spirit and the feeling of compassion among people, mainly because of the pandemic, which generated great losses and difficulties. Netizens, however, reversed the logic at various times with the Brazilian way of cheering: they wished the opposing children would fall during skateboarding competitions, they lost patience with refereeing, declared war against the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), among others . Rivals? Yes. Enemies? Also.

Motivational curse: "Calm down, b%*# c#%$*#!"

In the middle of a technical time during the match between Brazil and Holland, in beach volleyball, Brazilian Alison (Mammoth) used an unusual technique to relieve tension and lift the spirits of his partner Álvaro Filho. With the pair in need of victory, the athlete tried to ask Alvaro to calm down and amended some curse words. The incentive ended up working, as the pair beat the Dutch by 2 sets to 0. And as a Brazilian (and tweeter) likes a bad thing, the meme took off.

Medina without Brunet, that's me without you

Before the Games even started, Gabriel Medina went viral on the internet for a rather unusual fact: the surfer wanted to take his wife Yasmin Brunet to Tokyo as a psychological boost. The Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB), however, did not authorize the model to travel as the athlete's companion, as she was not a professional in the area. Medina ended up leaving the competition without a medal and the tweeter (as usual) was unforgiving.

"I'm happy, man!” Bruno Fratus wins the long-awaited medal in swimming

Marked by an interview in Rio 2016, when he ironically said he was "happy" to finish in sixth place, swimmer Bruno Fratus personified a meme by taking the bronze medal in the 50m freestyle, which, of course, drove the internet crazy . The overcoming of Fratus was still marked by the reference to the movie “My Name is not Johnny”, from 2008, with the line: “The guys are great, but we are bad”. Thank you for so much, Bruno Fratus! The internet loves you.

Rosamaria says it won't pass

Opposite/pointer Rosamaria competed in an Olympics for the first time in Tokyo. Last Wednesday (4), when the women's volleyball team defeated the Russians, it was decisive and shone a lot in blocking. The athlete's claw earned comments and the player was nicknamed by netizens as 'Rosamaria pistol'.

The Brazilian women's team took silver last Sunday, after a loss to the United States. Rosamaria, however, is the gold medal in the hearts of all twitterers (everyone, regardless of marital status or sexual orientation).

I have psychological problems caused by the men's volleyball team

During the competition, it wasn't an easy game for the men's volleyball team. Mainly in the finals, in which the team had two bitter defeats in the finals, one to the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) and the other to rival Argentina. Amidst games broadcast at dawn on Brazilian time, internet users already predicted they would have “psychological torture later”.

Please, a gold medal for the volleyball DJ

This was perhaps the biggest viral on social networks – especially in games in Brazil. The “Volley DJ”, thus known, is an Austrian who is very well-attuned to Brazilian culture and, therefore, played classics such as Raça Negra, Chitãozinho and Xororó and Legião Urbana during the broadcasts. He also put Pabllo Vittar's songs in line with Douglas, the men's team, and packed hits with the names of the players in the latest women's volleyball matches. Understand, volleyball DJ, you did everything!

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