A Disney and Starz gave up on legal dispute who starred because of the name of the new streaming of the “Mickey Mouse conglomerate”, the Star +, this Monday (9). The companies jointly presented the withdrawal of the action after reaching an amicable agreement… and with a lot of money involved!

For possible damages caused to Starz in the Brazilian market, Disney will pay R$50 million to the platform. With the amount disbursed, the company is authorized to publicize the brand and launch the new content service on the 31st, as originally planned. Questioned, the company did not want to go into details about the episode and just confirmed that it is legally released to promote Star+ in Brazil.

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Disney and Starz give up on legal dispute after offering a million dollar deal. Image: Olhar Digital/Mounting

Until then, Starz had an injunction, valid since July 24, which prevented Disney from doing any kind of promotion of the new streaming due to the similarity of names between the two services. Now, with the case resolved, the idea of ​​the giant studio is to reinforce actions in social networks to publicize the Star+ highlights and price in the Brazilian market.

Both companies will cover the costs of the process. "Each of the parties will bear the costs and procedural expenses it has incurred and the attorney's fees of their respective patrons, and any remaining court costs shall be equally apportioned between the parties", states the document confirming the agreement in court.

In addition, the company of Lionsgate studios requested the withdrawal of the cash proposal made by Disney, which will pay R$ 50 million for possible damages caused. "Starz also requires that the withdrawal of the deposit provided on pages 189/190 by its patrons. Terms in which they request the grant”, say the two companies in the text.

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The great battle began in December 2020, when Disney decided to end the Fox brand in Brazil and changing the names of all of the former company's products to Star – which is the brand name for the company's new streaming service, aimed at an adult audience.

However, since 2018, Starz has owned the Starzplay trademark registration, a service that became available a year later. Upon realizing the onslaught of Disney, the company chose to file a lawsuit in court, in addition to filing challenges to the requests at the National Institute of Industrial Property (Inpi), the body responsible for authorizing or not the use of commercial names.

In court, Starz claimed that both companies operate in the same industry and, as the owner of Starzplay, saw the similarity between the names as an obstacle. The lawyers filed a request for urgent relief, in an attempt to obtain a preliminary injunction before the trial. Last week, Disney it was barred from promoting the new brand.

The case would be judged on August 24 by the Court, however, with the withdrawal, this will not be necessary.

Source: TV News

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