This Tuesday (10) was a very busy day, and one of the most talked about issues in the social networks during the day went to Argentine arrival Lionel Messi against Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), from France. And no wonder, the 34-year-old striker spent no less than 21 of them at Barcelona, ​​Spain, 17 of them as a professional player for the club in Catalonia.

However, this Wednesday (11) should start early for football lovers and especially for Messi fans. The official presentation of the star at the club in the French capital will be broadcast live on the official Paris Saint-Germain channel on YouTube, and can be accompanied live and for free from anywhere in the world from 5:00 am, Brasília's official time.


To follow Messi's performance on PSG, just click on this link, or follow everything in the video below:

phenomenon in networks

Besides the Soccer world, Messi's arrival on PSG also stirred up a lot of social networks, especially Instagram. Since the rumors of the Argentine going to the French club grew stronger, the club started to gain a much larger number of followers than the average, which is about 47 followers a day.

Last Monday (9), for example, when some journalistic publications began to take for granted that Messi would be a player for Paris Saint-Germain, the official Instagram of the Parisian club gained more than half a million followers. And since the deal was made official, the club has gained no less than 3,7 million followers, totaling 42,6 million.

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But it wasn't just on Instagram that PSG grew after Messi's arrival, on Twitter, the club gained almost 170 followers, and the daily average was just over 3.500 followers. On YouTube, in turn, the club gained 230 subscribers, against a daily average of just over 18.

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