Physicians and researchers investigate reports of short-term changes in the fertile period of some women who received the vaccine. Covid-19. However, they certify that there is no evidence so far that the injections jeopardize the ability to get pregnant. Obstetricians and health authorities also recommend vaccination for pregnant, which have a high risk of complications if infected with the coronavirus.

Several health experts confirm that there is no biological reason to indicate damage to the Covid-19 vaccine, regardless of the laboratory, on the fertility of menstruating people. They believe the suspicions are sporadic and may be related to external factors, as real-world evidence – information derived from sources outside the context of traditional clinical trials – offers reassurance to anyone concerned about their chances of becoming pregnant.


According to Medical Xpress, a study last year by Pfizer and BioNTech, had already confronted the thesis of the negative influence of vaccination on fertility. The survey found a similar number of women who managed to get pregnant in the group that received the vaccine and in the group that received a placebo.

To amplify the claims, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) monitored examinations of thousands of pregnant women who were immunized with different available vaccines and found that they had results of pregnancy comparable to those of women who became pregnant before pandemic.

One in five pregnant/puerperal women killed by Covid-19 did not have access to the ICU
Experts challenge myths and confirm that the Covid-19 vaccine is safe for both pregnant women and those looking to become pregnant in the near future. Credits: Shutterstock

Furthermore, despite recent suspicions about the harm of Covid-19 vaccines to pregnant women, the CDC and obstetric groups around the world recommend vaccination for these people. That's because there is consistent research showing that pregnant women infected with the coronavirus are more likely to develop complications, receive invasive ventilation, and die than non-pregnant patients.

Thus, according to specialists, certifying the safety of pregnant women – and people who want to become pregnant – is more important than distrusting inconclusive studies on possible harm caused by the vaccine.

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