Google won an update curious and added a new periodic table. The purpose of the model is to help students with interactive drawings. By clicking on an element in the table, it is possible to see a 3D drawing of the molecule and details of its characteristics, such as atomic density, melting temperature, boiling and who discovered it.

To access, simply search for “periodic table” on Google and click on “access interactive elements” on the right side of the screen. Or click directly in this link. According to Google, animations can make the periodic table more interesting for students, even more so with distance learning.


Google periodic table

The table was announced as a function for Nest Hub, Google's virtual screen assistant. The device also received new services to help study at home, such as the Family Bell, an alert that rings on all connected devices and notifies family members when they go to bed or study. When the Family Bell alert goes off, the Nest device will beep and recite whatever is programmed into the app.

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Also about learning, Nest will gain an “animal of the day” feature that will provide facts, sounds and a creative task, such as drawing, about animals. You can hear about the animal of the day saying “Ok Google, about the animal of the day” on a Nest. The goal is to help the little ones learn.

Google's periodic table and other education resources from Nest are now available.

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