It's no secret that our planet it is (literally and figuratively) on fire. Most impressively, some wildfires are so large that they can be easily detected from space — and astronauts from space. International Space Station (ISS) are on alert.

During a recent call with SpaceFlight Insider, NASA astronaut Megan McArthur described the horrific experience of watching the tumultuous Earth aboard the ISS. “We were very sad to see fires in large parts of the Earth, not just the United States,” said McArthur.


ISS astronauts call for action against fires raging Earth's surface

She also took the opportunity to call for action. “For many years, scientists around the world have sounded the alarm. This is an alert for the entire global community. It will be necessary for the entire world community to face this and work with these challenges”, he advised.

Satellite images show huge regions across the planet dominated by clouds of smoke of astronomical proportions, such as Siberia, Greece and Spain, to the Pacific Northwest. 

“Absolutely terrifying scenes from Greece, where boats had to pick up more than 1000 people on the beaches of Evia after forest fires exploded there on Friday (6)”

Turkey has been hit particularly hard this year, as evidenced by videos of tourists cleaning beaches while there are huge fires in the background.

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Last week, the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a shocking report stating “code red for humanity".

Seeing the devastation of several hundred kilometers of forest from high above, beyond Earth, must be shocking to say the least.

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