Mail is a native device application from Apple which allows you to synchronize your email accounts. With one interface simple and uncomplicated, in addition to providing organization, the app also has quick options from a swipe of the finger that, few people know, but can be disabled or modified.

On-screen swipe gestures are part of the ever-increasing optimization of apps. On iPhone, these are set by default, however they can be changed according to user preference.


For example, if swiping left the option is to mark the message as 'unread', you can change it in the settings by setting the gesture with options to 'flag' or 'delete' the message.

Learn how to disable or change the “swipe” gesture options in iPhone Mail. Image: Olhar Digital

Mail settings can be reset on any Apple device that has the app. Our test was done from an iPhone 7. Follow the walkthrough below to find out how to disable or change the options.

How to disable or change “swipe” gesture options in iPhone Mail?

1. Go to “Settings”, click on “Mail” and then on “Swipe Options”;

2. Choose which direction of the 'swipe' gesture you want to make the changes. Click on it and then tap the option you want to show when you swipe;

Note: the process is the same for both sides – swiping left or right.

3. If you prefer to disable the 'swipe' gesture option in the application, select the option “None” on both sides.

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