a strike national will be held at streaming platform Twitch next Monday (23). Brazilian streamers organize the so-called “Apagão da Twitch”, to demand a fair payment from the platform's content producers and ask for transparency of Amazon's data.

Like any other strike involving workers, streamers will not perform live on the chosen day. They also urge Twitch users not to watch broadcasts that happen on the platform on Monday.


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A Twitter profile was created to publicize the content producers' strike. There, the autonomous movement claimed to have no connection with the Union of Streamers, even though it agreed with the initiative. The group that declared a stoppage also has no leaders or hierarchy.

In a thread published on the social network, the movement explained that, previously, the transfer of paid subscriptions to streamers was US$ 1,42, equivalent to R$ 7,69, in the quotation this Thursday (19), with the dollar sold at R$ 5,42. Gift subscriptions yielded US$1,24 (R$6,72) and US$1,75 (R$9,48) for entries through Amazon's Prime.

Twitch changed its pricing practice and the amount passed on to streamers dropped to a third of the previous amount. Credits: DisobeyArt/Shutterstock

But, there was a change in pricing practice from Twitch in July of this year. Thus, the platform began to pass on much lower values ​​to content producers, reaching almost a third of the previous prices. Paid registrations dropped to US$0,47 (R$2,55), gift registrations US$0,41 (R$2,22) and for the Prime US$0,50 (R$2,71).

“The minimum wage is R$1.100. For a streamer to be able, with only the value of the sub, to reach a minimum wage, it would be necessary 523 paid subs (R$ 2,50). And this reach is far from the reality of 99,9% of small and medium streamers”, highlights the movement.

Streamers recalled that the value is still around R$ 2,50 because the dollar is too high. The group also highlighted that subscription is not the only source of income, as there are bits (Twitch's virtual currency), ads and direct donations in fundraising campaigns, in addition to publis, YouTube channels and other platforms.

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