According to a WinFuture report, the new Snapdragon Wear 5100 chip may not be the big upgrade Qualcomm has been promising. Due to the current configuration of the 5100nm Snapdragon Wear 12, the smartwatch chipset may lag well behind the Exynos W920, of 5nm, of the Samsung in performance.

As WinFuture discovered, the Snapdragon Wear 5100 will not come with four ARM Cortex-A73 cores, but with four ARM Cortex-A53 cores. Qualcomm's previous model, the Wear 4100+ chipset, also came with ARM Cortex-A53 cores. This could mean that the chip may not be on the same performance level as the Exynos W920, also manufactured for smartwatches.


But as the site PocketNow pointed, Qualcomm can compensate for this deficiency in other areas of the chipset configuration. The report says Qualcomm is testing configurations with 1GB or 2GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 8GB or 16GB of eMMC-based flash storage. The chip is also being tested with 5MP and 16MP camera sensors.

In addition, the Snapdragon Wear 5100 chipset has an extra-low power consumption coprocessor. This type of coprocessor can handle low priority tasks such as logging user health data.

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If the Snapdragon Wear 5100 comes even with these configurations, Qualcomm's chipset may present a good competition in terms of performance to Samsung's Exynos W920.

For now, there is no information on when a SmartWatch with the Snapdragon Wear 5100 will be released.

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