While, for many more familiar people, bitcoin is really a promising investment which should remain in the market for a long time, for most, it is just a moeda virtual that is miles away from being practical.

As these cryptoactives become more popular, however, more and more simple things, like an air ticket, can be acquired using these features.

Image shows a male hand performing a bitcoin transaction through an ATM
Worldwide, more than 15 thousand establishments accept payment in bitcoins. Credit: aleks333/Shutterstock

According to a survey done this year by Fundera, a US company specializing in financial solutions for small businesses, a total of 15.174 businesses worldwide accept bitcoin as payment. It is estimated that just over 328 bitcoin transactions are carried out every day.

To quench your curiosity, we've separated some purchases that are currently accepted in bitcoins – see below.

movie tickets

Those who live in Forianópolis, capital of Santa Catarina, can buy tickets in bitcoins to watch movies at CineMulti, the Multi Open Shopping movie theater. The establishment was the first of its kind in Brazil to accept cryptocurrency as payment, in 2019.

The transaction is possible through a POS terminal of the company Bancryp, which declares itself “the first cryptobank in Brazil”. When making the purchase, the equipment converts bitcoin into the exchange rates at the time of purchase.

This appears, however, to be a move that other companies may soon follow. By the end of this year, for example, Adam Arona, CEO of the world's largest movie theater chain, AMC Theatres, announced that the chain will now accept bitcoin as a payment option.


Here in Brazil, the construction company Tecnisa is a pioneer in accepting bitcoin when buying real estate. Despite having more widely publicized the possibility in mid-2017, the company says that it has already accepted payment through the digital resource since 2014.


Grupo Reserva has partnered with MundiPagg in 2017 to give consumers the possibility to purchase using cryptocurrency. MundiPagg is a platform specialized in payments and one of the first in Brazil to offer the option of selling via cryptocurrencies for e-commerces.

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Some institutions such as the NGO Save the Children, which works with a focus on guaranteeing children's rights worldwide, have accepted bitcoin donations since 2014.

Wikimedia, the foundation responsible for the global encyclopedia Wikipedia, also added the possibility of donation through cryptocurrency to maintain the site. The page also accepts bitcoin cash and ether donations.


Casa do Porco Bar is a renowned São Paulo restaurant, founded by chef Jefferson Rueda and that, since 2018, accepts payments in bitcoin, litecoin and bitcoin cash. When paying the bill, customers can request the PayWISE machine, which is similar to traditional credit and debit cards, but which converts reais into the desired virtual currency.

On September 7, 2021, El Salvador made bitcoin official as the country's currency. That same day, local McDonald's and Pizza Hut also began accepting cryptocurrency for in-store purchases.

According to bitcoin journalist Aaron van Wirdum, the purchase was quite simple.

“I just walked into a McDonald's in San Salvador [capital of the country] to see if I could pay for my breakfast with bitcoin and, to be honest, hoping to hear 'no.' But, look, they printed a QR Code ticket which, when scanning, took me to a payment page via Lightning, and now I'm enjoying my traditional breakfast.”

And what else?

We have listed above just a few examples of places that accept cryptocurrencies and that are closer to the end consumer, but there are other markets that we have not mentioned, but that also accept payment in virtual currencies such as travel and tourism (with the purchase of airline tickets and hotel reservations) , electronics and games, among others.

The portal livecoins has a recurringly updated list of the main establishments that accept the feature as payment, but just give a quick search on the internet to find out which companies are part of this list.

Main Image Credit: Momentum Fotograh/Shutterstock

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