Last Sunday night (5), a meteor was captured by cameras as it lit up the night sky off the south coast of England.

In one of the videos, which is available on the Solent Ships YouTube channel, it is possible to see a glowing object resembling a fireball shooting across the sky over the Red Funnel Ferry Terminal in Southampton.


According to Solent Ships, a channel that normally broadcasts content about boats and ships off the coast of Southampton, the recording was made around 22:45 local time (18:45 GMT). 

According to the UK Meteor Network and the System for Capture of Asteroid and Meteorite Paths (Scamp), two organizations that track meteors in the United Kingdom, the greatest probability is that the star has fallen into the ocean. It is believed that it may have been on the French beach of Morgat in Brittany.

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Hampshire police also recorded the meteor

The "ball of fire" was also spotted in the southeastern city of Hampshire and captured live by a highway police vehicle's dashboard camera, which it posted on the Twitter. According to the local Hampshire Live portal, "many people" reported seeing the celestial body glowing in the night sky.  

“A short clip of the meteor seen in Hampshire earlier tonight! Sometimes, the work puts us in the right place at the right time”, says the publication.

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