LinkedIn is a social network professional who has helped many people to carry out the famous networking, which is the connection with new people, whether they are from the same areas of work or not. Thus, the network also plays an important role in relocating users to the labor market, as it bridges several companies.

But do you know exactly how to search for job openings on the platform?


Roughly speaking, the site is for us to “sell” our fish, as well as to “buy” someone else's fish (in the case of recruiters). It serves as a curriculum online, which, without knowing the right way to use, can be just another social network on the internet.

As with most profiles on the web, the use of hashtags is extremely important on LinkedIn and it is not only useful for ranking your post, but it is also useful when searching for jobs.

In addition, the platform has the “Vancies” option, where you can check the opportunity recommendations. However, searching for hashtags or even following them can facilitate your search and browsing the network, in addition to bringing vacancies that have not been officially announced on the platform (in this specific field of Vacancies).

Are you curious? See below step-by-step to find out how to better explore this tool.

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How to find jobs on LinkedIn using hashtag?

1. Open the LinkedIn app and click on the “Search” field;

2. If you are looking for a job in São Paulo, for example, you can use hashtags like #oportunidadesp, or #vagassp. This same trick works for any region, just replace the abbreviation of the desired state in the hashtag. The most recent results will appear, then just click to check the vacancy.

To make your search even easier, you can follow the hashtag by clicking “Follow”, so every time you need, just go to “Home” >> tap on your profile picture >> and access “Followed Hashtags”.

It is noteworthy, however, that only the most used hashtags on the platform have the “Follow” option, but this does not prevent the search;

3. If you want to be more specific and look for vacancies by area, such as in Information Technology (IT) or Marketing, for example, write #vagasti or #oportunidadeti, #vagasmarketing or #vagasmkt etc. To further refine your search, you can click on the “Vocancies” tab.

Important! LinkedIn's job system doesn't always find all available opportunities, so the use of hashtags helps, as a recruiter may just have posted an ad in the feed with an image and used #opportunidadedeemployment, for example, as shown in the image below .

Tip bonus: #processoseletivo and #recolocacaoprofissional are also widely used hashtags on LinkedIn – which you can start using for surveys from now on.

It's worth paying attention to the names that are being used the most for ranking in recruiter publications, so you can follow the hashtags and make your search easier later.

Ready! Now you know an easier and surer way to look for jobs on LinkedIn. Did you like the tip? So share with friends!

Credit Main Image: IB Photography/Shutterstock

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