Nowadays, many parents have to deal with a new task in their daily lives: managing the time when their children use devices like cell phones and tablets. Making little ones put away their gadgets can be a daunting task even at bedtime.

The good news is that Google offers a Whatsapp that can help you control all of this, we're talking about Family Link. Check with us how to use the app to determine: daily usage time, bedtime, time limits per app and even lock children's devices remotely.


Before getting started, keep in mind that for the app to work, you need to add your kids' Google Account to Family Link. To do this, just tap the “+” sign on the top right side of the app's home screen and follow Google's instructions.

1. Open the Family Link app on your phone and select your child's profile.

2. On the 'Usage Time' card, tap 'Configure'.

Over here, as in the screenshot below, you will have two tabs: daily limit and bedtime. By default, the app limits device usage to 3 hours and bedtime is set from 21:00 pm to 7:00 am.

You can edit each of these options as desired by tapping each one and then 'Save'. Note that on the weekend, for example, Google does not set a limit or a bedtime by default.

When you return to the app's home screen, two new cards will appear: 'Daily Limit', which updates how long your child has used the phone, and 'Bedtime', which shows the time set on the previous screen .

How to limit the use of apps

1. From the app's home screen, tap 'More' on the 'App Activity' card.

2. In the 'Limits' tab, review the list of apps and tap the hourglass next to each app to set a daily usage limit.

If the idea is to limit the use of Instagram, for example, click on 'Set Limit', tap the desired option in the menu and select 'Set'.

The feature ensure that your child will not spend hours accessing the social network. Image: Screenshot

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How to lock or unlock a device using Family Link

On Family Link, one of the cards says the name of the device and offers the option 'Block Now'. Tapping it, the gadget is immediately locked until the next day's wake-up time, only emergency calls are allowed.

You can also set a time window, as in the example below, until the device is locked. To do this, tap on the 'Overtime' option.

Not bad, isn't it? You can already see that Family Link is a full-featured platform. Even if you set stricter limits, you can adjust them over time as you see fit.

Main Image Credits: Fizkes/Shutterstock

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