Framing a photo isn't one of the easiest tasks, especially if you're not a professional photographer, like the vast majority of photographers. users Instagram, which use the platform to record moments of everyday life with your cell phone.

However, these daily records are increasingly demanding more technique, whether in a matter of photo brightness, quality of the image and even framing, after all, a crooked photo can kill the mood of any special click.


With that in mind, Instagram made available a tool to Stories that allows you to adjust the framing of photos.

Called “Level”, the feature works automatically and notifies users when the phone's camera is positioned straight.

Important! If you can't find the feature in your app, make sure your Instagram app is up to date.

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See how to use Instagram's framing tool

1 – Open the app, available for Android e iOS;

2 – Click on the Stories option, in the upper left corner of the screen;

Print from Instagram app

3 – Then select the side arrow;

Print from Instagram app

4 – The application will open a series of tools for Stories, look for the option “Level”;

Print from Instagram app

5 – A grid will appear on the screen, adjust the camera until everything you want to photograph is framed in the image;

Print from Instagram app

6 – As you move the cell phone, a level will appear in the central square. When the level is yellow, it means the camera is straight.

Print from Instagram app

Ready! Now you know how to use Instagram's framing tool to ensure the quality of your records on the social network.

Featured Image Credits: Ink Drop/Shutterstock

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