Google Photos is a free cloud service which is available to help users store media from their devices. The tool brings even more convenience by allowing automatic backup of photos and videos, that is, everything that is saved in the gallery of the cell goes straight to the cloud service.

However, after Google announced a free 15GB limitation on the platform, automatic backup may have become a problem, after all, it's not all the images on the device that we want to keep permanently, is it?


Also, the storage is split between the Photo service, gmail e Drive, which consumes the available space even faster.

So, if you don't want to go through the hassle of having to wipe everything out of the cloud service, check out how to turn off automatic sync.

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See how to disable automatic Google Photos backup

1 – Open the Google Photos application, available for Android e iOS;

2 – Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner;

Print from Google Photos app

3 – Select the option “Google Photos Settings”;

Print from Google Photos app

4 – Look for the “Backup and synchronization” tab and click on it;

Print from Google Photos app

5 – Click on the “Backup and Sync” button. When it turns gray, it means the backup has been turned off. To activate it again, just do the same process.

Print from Google Photos app

Ready! Now you know how to disable automatic Google Photos backup and can choose which images and videos will be uploaded to the free cloud service.

Featured Image Credit: dennizn/Shutterstock

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