Brazil is the fifth country in the world in number of attacks of hackers against companies, second only to the US, UK, Germany and South Africa. Roland Berger.

According to the study, just in the first six months of this year, records in the country have already surpassed the total number of occurrences in 2020. If only the cases of “ransomware“, which are those that involve blocking the system in exchange for a ransom payment, there were already 9,1 million cases here in 2021.


Across the planet, in 2021 alone, the damage caused by cybercriminals has reached US$ 6 trillion and, in the eyes of experts, companies will have to increasingly increase their investments to protect themselves from attacks.

Hacker with hood in front of the computer and data representing information about the entire screen in green tint
In the 1st half of 2021, Brazil surpassed records of cyberattacks from the previous year. Image: Shutterstock/Adike

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Hackers hacked into the National Treasury system

Além de empresas, o governo brasileiro também foi vítima de cibercriminosos este ano. Em agosto, a rede interna da Secretariat of the National Treasury (STN), of the Ministry of Economy, suffered an attack ransomware type hacker.

Após o ataque à STN, a Polícia Federal foi imediatamente acionada e medidas de contenção foram aplicadas. Em nota, o Ministério da Economia afirmou que, em vistoria, foi observado que nenhum dano foi gerado aos sistemas.

Na ocasião, em entrevista ao Olhar Digital, cybersecurity expert Arthur Igreja highlighted the seriousness of this type of attack [watch below]. “These are serious cases, companies with a lot of data from many people. The victim can pay the ransom in the belief that the service will be reinstated, but the scammer can do something else and leak. Not to mention that the service stops. We are talking about Tesouro Direto, which has investments, reserves from several people. It is a very serious case”, he highlighted.

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