The city of Rio de Janeiro is going to adopt the vaccine passport as of this Wednesday (15th). The measure was scheduled for the end of August, but was postponed for instability account in the ConnectSUS app, which provides proof of immunization against Covid-19.

The document will be necessary for the population to have access to services such as cinemas, shopping centers, gyms and other tourism spaces. Over time, this should be expanded to events with a larger audience.


This Monday (13), the Rio de Janeiro court denied a request to suspend the decree. "Requiring vaccination as a way to authorize entry and stay in establishments without a doubt proves to be effective in controlling the spread of the virus," said judge Teresa de Andrade Castro Neves in the decision.

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Vaccine passport in Rio de Janeiro

The suspension request stated that the vaccine passport in Rio de Janeiro is unconstitutional, as it violates the right to free circulation. "The partial limitation of the individual right of mobility of a citizen or of a certain portion of those who do not intend to be vaccinated unequivocally is less burdensome than the numerous social and community benefits of the population in the ideal of getting rid of the pandemic", justified the magistrate in decision.

The passport that needs to be presented in Rio de Janeiro can be either the physical proof of the vaccine from the Municipal Health Department, the vaccination card or the certificate issued by the ConnectSUS website or app.

Even with proof, the use of a mask, entry control and the need to avoid crowding are still valid. Remembering that shopping malls, restaurants and bars were not included in the measure and continue with free circulation. see the step by step how to get your vaccination card digital through ConnectSUS.

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