At certain times of the day, the disturbance generated by aplicativos of message and the notifications contained in the social networks it's not a pleasant thing. The good news is that both WhatsApp and Instagram offer some settings that can help you.

Both allow the user to adjust some privacy options to their personal taste. This way, your activities are not available to third parties. In short, it's basically a way to be almost “invisible” in these apps.


Check out our guide below how to access and change these settings on WhatsApp and Instagram.

How to stay “invisible” on WhatsApp

At first, WhatsApp offers some options that help to reduce your tracks, and consequently the possibility of being disturbed in the messenger. These functions are listed in the “Privacy” section.

To get there, tap the three vertical dots on the top right side > 'Settings' > 'Account' > 'Privacy'.

Here, you can change options such as 'Last seen', which shows your contacts the last time you accessed WhatsApp.

How to stay "invisible" on WhatsApp
With the 'Nobody' option enabled, no user will know the last time you opened WhatsApp on your phone. Image: Screenshot

Below, under 'Profile Picture', you can limit who will have access to your profile picture. If you select 'Nobody', other messenger users will not be able to view your photo.

You can also define who from your contact list can see your personal status under 'Status'. This way, strangers will not be able to see what you post in this section of WhatsApp.

How to stay "invisible" on WhatsApp

The option 'Reading confirmation', when disabled, turns off the blue signals. Therefore, whoever sends you messages won't know when or if you've viewed incoming content.

How to stay “invisible” on Instagram

Instagram also lets you manage your privacy settings. One of the restrictive measures you can adopt on the social network is to allow your photos to be viewed only by followers and also choose who can or cannot follow you.

1. To do this, go to your profile, tap the three vertical stripes on the upper right side > 'Settings'.

2. Under 'Privacy', check whether the first item, 'Private Account', is turned on or off. If you want more privacy, read the functionality limitations below and see if it's a good idea to activate the feature.

How to stay "invisible" on Instagram

Meanwhile, in 'Story' ('Settings' > 'Privacy' > 'Story') it is also possible to change some settings accordingly, which avoids being bothered mainly by strangers.

Here, you can define, for example, who will be able to reply to your posts, or hide your posts from certain users. There is also the option of whether or not to allow followers to share your content and whether you want to share your Stories on Facebook.

How to stay "invisible" on Instagram

Finally, in the 'Privacy' menu, we have the 'Activity Status' option. By disabling it, everyone you follow won't be able to see if you're online on Instagram.

How to stay "invisible" on Instagram

Ready! In a few simple steps, you're already on top of how to enforce privacy on both Facebook platforms.

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