A man from the Czech Republic spent no less than nine months expelling cerebral fluid after taking a nasal swab test. Covid-19. The test, which was negative, was carried out at the end of March 2020, but until the beginning of December of the same year, he thought it was a allergy.

As the leak from the right nostril would not stop, the boy, who had not been named, went to the doctor. After performing a image exam, he found that the liquid being expelled from the right nostril wasn't just some nasty nasal fluid.


During the exam, the man had a damaged cribriform plaque, which is the bone that separates the nose from the brain. What he was missing was cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), which helps protect the brain and the brain. spinal cord inside the skull.

dangerous but not too

Illustration shows the structure of a human nose.
A man suffered an injury to the cribiform plate, a bone that separates the nose from the brain. Credit: Research Gate

Leaks of this fluid are not unheard of, however, they are quite rare, in most cases, the loss of CSF is directly linked to a pre-existing defect in the skull. Despite being a very uncomfortable situation, the case is quite rare.

Loss of CSF is not necessarily harmful, and people with this condition can live for years without any problems. However, the loss of this fluid makes patients more susceptible to brain infections, such as meningitis, because the central nervous system gets more exposed.

Almost non-existent risk

There are two other reported cases of patients with CSF leakage after undergoing nasal swab tests for Covid-19. However, in both cases there was already some type of pre-existing cranial problem, in addition, it is possible that the cotton swabs were inserted at the wrong angle.

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Therefore, it is important to remember that the benefit of taking the nasal swab test for Covid-19 is much greater than the possible risks. In addition, three cases of CSF loss were reported in a universe in which more than 219 million tests were positive and millions more have already been done.

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