This Monday (13), the Consumer Protection and Defense Foundation (Procon-SP) notified Shopee, requesting clarification on the authenticity and origin of products offered to consumers on the website and application of brand.

According to the director of Procon-SP, Fernando Capez, the intention is to guarantee that the items sold by the company are legitimate.


“The platform should explain any smuggled or counterfeit products that were sold to consumers. From this notification, they are aware that it is possible that they will be held responsible as participants in the sale of this type of product”, said the executive, through a note.

e-commerce digital illustration
Procon-SP notifies Shopee about legitimacy of e-commerce products. Credit: Alexander Supertramp/Shutterstock

Also according to the Foundation, Shopee must prove information on how it obtained the items, as well as the validity and regularity of the acquisition.

In a statement, Procon-SP also claims to have asked the company for a statement about its internal processes for quality control and safety of delivered products, including checks regarding conditions of use, inviolability of packaging, compatible expiration dates, etc.

In addition to sending documentation that certifies the commercial, fiscal and tax regularity of the partner companies registered in its platform, as well as verification criteria, regularity, authenticity and security of these partners; in addition to information attesting to the promotional, coupon and shipping policy criteria practiced on the platform; and proof of the functioning of customer service channels for receiving, handling and solving demands, showing operating hours and average resolution time.

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In addition, Shopee will also need to specify how consumers access the platform, whether via website or app, if such access is conditioned to the use of a personal, non-transferable login and password. As well as the treatment given to information provided by registered consumers and procedures used for updates or corrections.

Shopee has until the 17th of this month to respond to the agency's request.

Questioned by Olhar Digital, a Shopee informou que “cumpre as regulamentações locais em todos os mercados em que opera e exige que os vendedores estejam em conformidade com as regras brasileiras e as políticas rigorosas do marketplace”. Abaixo, você pode, na íntegra, ver a nota enviada à redação.

Shopee Positioning Note:

“Shopee complies with local regulations in all markets in which it operates and requires sellers to comply with Brazilian rules and strict marketplace policies. in the shopee, all sellers must agree to the Prohibited and Restricted Products Policy, which clearly expresses the company's position on the sale of counterfeit, illegal and restricted products or that violate the Intellectual Property of third parties.

Shopee provides a reporting channel that is constantly used by various brands, which allows the exclusion of irregular advertisements and which can also lead to the suspension of the seller's account, in addition to security mechanisms with the use of artificial intelligence.  

The company is also committed to protecting the security of its users' personal data, treated in accordance with the General Personal Data Protection Act and in accordance with Shopee's Privacy Policy.

Shopee further reinforces that it makes the best efforts to ensure a reliable environment for consumers and sellers and is committed to providing a safe, reliable and pleasant shopping experience for users.”

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