A data leak of civil police officers from the Academy of Police (Acadepol) Dr. Coriolano Nogueira Cobra was announced on social networks by alleged hackers last Friday (10/09). The Civil Police of São Paulo is investigating the case.

According to information, an internet post announced that more than a million data from Acadepol's Intelligence Department had been leaked by hackers. The content of the files has not been disclosed so far and covers agents who are or have already been part of the courses and training at the site. The post was taken down due to a determination judicial.


Cyber ​​Crimes Police Station is investigating

A police inquiry was opened at the 3rd Precinct of Crimes Cybernetics (DCCiber) of the Civil Police, which acts on breaches of electronic devices and data networks. She reports to the State Department of Criminal Investigations (DEIC) and is investigating what happened.

“The unit carries out steps to identify and arrest the perpetrators of the crime. The system has already been re-established and measures to reinforce its security have been adopted”, said the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) in a statement.

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Acadepol Dr. Coriolano Nogueira Cobra is located on the central campus of USP, in Butantã, West Zone of São Paulo. Among its basic attributions are the realization of contests for civil police positions, in addition to planning and conducting training courses for members of civil police careers.

We tried to contact the SSP, asking about confirmation of the leak and how the secretariat found out about it (whether through the social network or some kind of internal finding). Also, we ask which ones data types leaked, what measures have been taken and what is the situation so far. However, we did not get a response until the end of this issue.

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