It started this Monday in the United States to H2M, or Humans to Mars Summit 2021, with all the programming so online.

This year, the event is free, but those who donate $75 or more will receive a 10% discount for next year's meeting, which will take place in Washington.


The three-day event features panel discussions and speakers from the NASA, and from the agency's local and international partners.

The highlights of the first day were due to the lectures on robotics, and from 8 pm onwards, a panel with the theme begins that tries to answer the question: “How can space exploration expand inclusion and diversity?”

The highlight among the lectures scheduled for Tuesday is the participation of the NASA administrator, Bill Nelson. It will be online from noon.

Of course, to stay on top of everything you're doing and planning for Mars, you need to have a good knowledge of the English language. The lectures are live and without subtitles.

On our website,, you will find the complete event schedule, with times already calculated with the Brasilia time zone. It's a great opportunity for Mars lovers!!!

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