Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) this week unveiled the Rex MK II, an electric robot car military able to operate autonomously in missions terrestrial. The unmanned vehicle was designed for support, reconnaissance and even offensive actions against enemy lines.

The car was exhibited at the Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEI) show in London, England, and has already gone on sale for the military forces. According to the manufacturers, the launch meets an increasingly high demand for drones of combat for land use.


Operating on a hybrid electric system, the Rex MK II has a range of 300 km of distance, and a load capacity of 1,3 tons, aimed at supplying supplies, medical materials, ammunition or evacuating the wounded. At the front, the unmanned car has two machine guns, with 7.62 mm and .50 calibers, mounted on a turret, controlled remotely.

For reconnaissance aspects, the Rex MK II has a situational attention system with radar and optical sensors, capable of sending information to the control tower. The collected data is both used for car navigation and strategic decisions.

Demand for unmanned war vehicles is growing

If the makers of the Rex MK II are right, it is quite possible that the wars of the future will be fought between machines, and the IAI wants to be at the forefront. The electric car robot is the newest addition to its so-called “Land Division”, of automobiles in the military segment.

Until then, the Land Division had relied on RobARC, a landmine detector; the RobDozer, an excavator for operations in hazardous areas; and the Jaguar, an automated jeep used in border patrol and defense.

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