The Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition 2021 ushers in the new era of branding british under new direction, reinforcing an even clearer connection with the motoring. The new series production version of the supersport is based on the Vantage V8, being the first challenge for Tobias Moers, who was previously in charge of Mercedes-AMG.

two Aston Martin cars
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Moers sought to develop the new Vantage to its full potential as a considerably more car. fast and better handling without compromising on-road performance. The resulting Aston Martin Vantage F1 is a beautiful and powerful Safety Car to transition into the Grand Prix.


On the roads, just like on the tracks

Vantage F1 side detail
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Along with a new range of inks, the machine has been modified to be sharper, faster and more focused than the Vantage V8 it's based on. In fact, the V8 engine 4-litre twin-turbo and eight-speed ZF automatic gearbox have been digitally tuned by Aston Martin to give the Vantage F1 even more intent.

Power rises from 503 bhp to 527 bhp at 6.000 RPM, with torque remaining at 685 Nm (2.000-5.000 RPM). From 0-100 km/h, the time is 3,6 seconds, while the top speed rises to around 314 km/h in the coupé model, or 304 km/h in the Roadster.

On the road, the Vantage F1 Edition behaves like a more composed, better controlled, and more rewarding supercar than the standard Vantage. The biggest changes have occurred in suspension and in aerodynamics.

Aton Martin car on the track
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There's a huge new rear wing and rear diffuser, plus a new front splitter. Downward force has been increased by an impressive 200 kg, say the brand's engineers.

speed under control

At the same time, the shock absorbers have been updated to improve body control in all the speeds, but especially in the higher ones. The entire rear end of the Vantage F1 is stiffer (but not necessarily less comfortable, according to Aston Martin), thanks to a new, more robust anti-roll.

Vantage F1 tire detail
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With 21-inch wheels, the car bring tires Pirelli P-Zero, with 400mm front ventilated two-piece cast iron brake discs and 360mm rear ventilated Co-Cast brake discs.

The vehicle provides a strong insight into what we can expect from all Aston Martin models in the future. In other words, a more cohesive feeling in the steering, accelerator, brakes, chassis and suspension.

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inside the Aston Martin Vantage F1
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Inside, Vantage F1 goes back to its roots, but subtly brings differences from regular Vantage, with suede adorning many of the surfaces. The pair of sports seats are thick, with the instruments and infotainment system accessible via the eight-inch touchscreen.

car highlighted in the back
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The colossal price of 142 thousand pounds (something above R$1,02 million) might even make sense for a machine of this magnitude. Even more so if we consider that Vantage F1 also carries the Aston Martin brand, returning to F1 as a manufacturer in its own right, after a hiatus from the year 1960.

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