Although meteors fall all the time in the Land, the phenomenon is much more common to be witnessed at night. Some, however, because they are so bright, can be seen even in daylight. And that's what happened last Friday (10), in the city of Monte Castelo, in Santa Catarina.

Around 18:40 pm, it was getting dark in the city, and it was still relatively light, when a fireball appeared, ripping through the sky. The phenomenon was witnessed by several city residents and recorded by the monitoring station.


In the images, you can see Jupiter (the bright dot just above the meteor). The planet can be easily observed at this time during the next few days. 

Fireball was a sporadic episode and was not part of a meteor shower

For about three seconds, the fireball glowed brightly, before disappearing over the Atlantic Ocean. According to the Monte Castelo monitoring station, the meteor's speed was estimated at 60 km/h.

According to Marcella Duarte, in collaboration with Uol's website Tilt, the amateur astronomer Jocimar Justino de Souza, owner of the station, located the images when alerted by a person who saw the meteor fall. 

“As soon as I heard the report, I already found the record, by the time. The phenomenon had many witnesses due to the schedule. In Monte Castelo alone, at least six people reported. Due to the high brightness, it was undoubtedly also observed in other cities and neighboring states”, believes Souza. 

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He explains what fireball is (literally translated fireball). “This is a larger fragment of space rock, which burns as it enters our atmosphere. In this case, it was probably a sporadic meteor, which does not belong to any meteor shower cataloged so far”. 

According to the astronomer, who is part of the Brazilian Meteor Monitoring Network (Bramon), these are precisely the most relevant meteors for his studies.

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