'Matrix Resurrections' seems to be using the best elements of the original trilogy to create an entirely new story that feels organic and logical to the overall plot. As seen in the first trailer of the new production, there are many references to previous features, including Neo (Keanu Reeves) training with Morpheus (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) in the dojo, in addition to the “Chosen One” stopping bullets with his hand. For the most part, the tributes are easy to notice. However, one may be hidden in plain sight and may be the answer to many questions that have arisen.

In the preview of the fourth movie (see below), Neo is seen with a therapist (Neil Patrick Harris) who helps him through what appears to be an identity crisis. Although fans know that the strange feelings and visions the character is experiencing come from life outside the Matrix as Neo, the expert tries to allay worries by making him think nothing is wrong. During the scene, a black cat is shown walking across the healthcare professional's desk. Next to a bust of a head, there is also a small orb with a corkscrew-shaped object inside. It may look like a harmless paperweight, but to the keen eye, what's inside is eerily similar to a device that machines/agents use, known as "bugs" (or bugs).

matrix black cat
Trailer scene has detail that can be key to understanding the movie. Image: Warner Bros./Reproduction

Os “insetos” foram introduzidos no primeiro longa e são pequenas sondas do tamanho de pílulas que se expandem em grandes máquinas – semelhantes a camarões. Apresentada ao público logo no início do longa, uma atrofiou-se no umbigo de Neo após um interrogatório feito pelos Agentes no filme. O objetivo dos dispositivos é simples: rastrear humanos, também conhecidos como “pílulas azuis”. Dentro da Matrix, as pílulas azuis representam pessoas que não sabem que ainda estão dentro da máquina e conectadas ao motor que as alimenta.

In the plot, the “insect” is soon extracted from the protagonist thanks to the work done by the crew of Morpheus.

While it's not yet clear that the object on the table is a device like the one in the first film, it might hint at the machines' true intentions nonetheless. For example, the therapist may be probing Neo's mind to see what he knows or how he came to life. Since the “Chosen One” does not fully remember the past life, this also coincides with a similar reaction he had when he was first infected.

In 'Matrix (1999), when the “insect” was placed on his body, Neo woke up in his own apartment, wondering if he had a bad dream. The same scenario could be happening again, with him forgetting large parts of everyday life as the machines probe the character's subconscious for answers on perhaps how to decimate humans.

“Insects” in 'The Matrix' (1999). Image: Warner Bros./Reproduction

What adds even more credibility to the theory is all the meaning around the therapist's table. 'The Matrix' is a saga built 100% on symbolism and, after years of popularity, can now use past moments as inspiration for the future of the franchise. For example, the black cat was the totem used to describe the deja vu que Neo experimentou no primeiro. Quando dentro da simulação, o evento representa uma falha na Matrix e que algo foi alterado. Logo, ver o animal no trailer aumenta a chance de um deja vu estar ocorrendo porque, se as máquinas estão realmente sondando a mente de Neo, pode haver muitas problema que o impedem de se lembrar da verdade.

The 'Matrix Resurrections' trailer undoubtedly raised more questions than it answered. However, when looking to the past, clues to the future may be hidden in plain sight. By seeing the objects on the therapist's desk, fans can gather knowledge gained over the years about the saga to help Neo realize who he really is and set him free. However, with nothing confirmed, it is difficult to say what is real or not (after all, we are talking about the 'Matrix'.

Keanu Reeves as Neo in 'The Matrix Resurrections'. Image: Warner Bros./Disclosure
Keanu Reeves as Neo in 'The Matrix Resurrections'. Image: Warner Bros./Disclosure

Written and directed by Lana Wachowski, co-creator of the original franchise, 'Matrix 4' brings the return of Keanu Reeves in the skin of Neo Carrie-Ann Moss as TrinityLaurence Fishburne, apparently, will not return as Morpheus in the new movie (understand the case). Other names that return to the fourth feature of the saga are Jada Pinkett-Smith as NiobeLambert Wilson as Merovingian Daniel Bernhardt as agent johnson.

'Resurrections' will also bring new characters and some of them will be played by heavyweight actors, like Neil Patrick Harris ('How I Met Your Mother'), Yahya Abdul-Mateen II ('The Legend of Candyman'), Christina Ricci ('The Addams Family'), ('Mindhunter') and Priyanka Chopra ('Baywatch: SOS Malibu').

Besides them, four actors from 'Sense8', a series also created by Wachowski, are present. Are they: Brian J. Smith (Will Gorski on the Netflix series), Eréndira Ibarra (Daniela), Max Riemelt (Wolfgang) and Toby Onwumere (Capheus). Officially, none of the new characters had the roles revealed.

'Matrix: Resurrections' it is set to premiere in theaters around the world em December 22th, 2021. In Brazil, Warner Bros. anticipated launch in a week: December 16. Currently, all the films in the saga are available on the HBO Max streaming service, in addition to the CG animation that precedes the events of the features, 'Animatrix: The History Before The Matrix'.

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