Recently, the Telegram made available the “Flexible Routing” feature, which allows users to users share messages hiding the author's name, or even deleting the caption - in case of images or videos.

The function can be very useful for users who want to share something confidential with friends and for some reason cannot reveal who the source is. And it's one of Telegram's main differentials when compared to its main rival, the WhatsApp.


However, despite being very useful, some users warn that the tool is a plateful for fake news, due to the convenience of sharing information without an official source. Therefore, be aware of what you want to forward to friends, always checking the source if it is information of public interest, and also for messages you receive from acquaintances.

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How to hide the origin of a forwarded message in Telegram

1 – Open the Telegram application, available for Android e iOS;

2 – In conversation, select the messages you want to share;

3 – Click on the arrow symbol at the top of the screen, or on the “Forward” option in the lower right corner;

Print of Telegram

4 – In the contact list, look for who you want to forward the message to. You can also search for the contact by selecting the magnifying glass;

Print of Telegram

5 – Before selecting the sending option, click on the message to be forwarded;

Print of Telegram

6 – A small menu will open. In it, choose what you want to do among the options: select whether the message author's name will be hidden or not; in addition to keeping or deleting the caption, in the case of photos;

Print of Telegram

7 – After choosing whether to hide the author of the forwarded message or not, click on the send message symbol.

Print of Telegram

Ready! Now you know how to hide the origin of a message forwarded by Telegram.

Featured Image Credits: New Africa/Shutterstock

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