Since the failure of Google Glass in the first half of the past decade, smart glasses have become taboo in the tech industry. However, that seems to be changing, after Facebook and its partnership with Ray-Ban, it's Xiaomi's turn to announce its smart glasses project.

The Chinese giant's design has some differences compared to competing designs. In Xiaomi's system, the virtual information are superimposed on the real world in just one of the lenses, which has a MicroLed screen nearly the size of a grain of rice.


In general, companies that design smart glasses work on products that make it possible to have information loaded on two lenses instead of just one. Another big difference is in the way the images are generated on the glasses and end up in the user's field of vision.

According to Xiaomi, the brand's smart glasses will feature optical wavelength, refraction and reflection technology. This will make it possible to transport the images of a MicroLed chip invisible directly to the user's eye, using only the lens positioned in the right eye.

More than second screen

Xiaomi doesn't imagine its smart glasses as a complement to smartphones or a simple second screen. The company wants the device to work independently for some tasks, such as navigation, content translation and communication.

The glasses will be compatible with the XiaoAI system, which is the personal assistant from Xiaomi. With this, it will be possible for the user to select only important notifications, making the view of people not have the view flooded with several pushes with little or no importance.

Xiaomi smart glasses
Xiaomi's smart glasses will feature a microLed chip that will take the images directly to the viewfinder. Via: Xiaomi/Disclosure

For the terror of privacy, Xiaomi's smart glasses will feature a 5MP camera, which can be used for real-world photos, videos and text translations. A light next to the lens will indicate when the camera is in use. But it is not known how intense it will be.

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For now, the project is treated as an idea for the future, so it remains to be seen when Xiaomi's smart glasses will hit stores. However, the company guarantees that this project is taken seriously by the company and can start to be commercialized in the near future.

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