Poison Ivy, or Poison Ivy for purists, will land in the 'Batwoman' series. The production of CW channel, a member of Arrowverse, reaches its third season on October 13th. To advertise the comic villain from DC, the station released a new teaser.

The video is very short, it's only 15 seconds. In it, Poison Ivy appears three times. In the first, being led by police, wearing the orange jumpsuit of prisoners in the United States. She then appears briefly in a shed, with the scene spliced ​​into one where she is trapped, receiving a visit.


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Pamela Isely, or Hera Poisonous, will be played by Bridget Regan ('Agent Carter'). She was announced in August to be part of the 'Batwoman' series. Earlier, the show's showrunner Caroline Dries posted on Twitter that she received "news from the cast that would make some shows green with envy."

The villain version in Arrowverse is described as a brilliant and passionate scientist with a mind that wanted to change the world for the better. But Isely's plans changed when a colleague made her a guinea pig and injected her with plant toxins that turned her into the villain Poison Hera.

Image shows actress Javicia Leslie, featured as the character "Batwoman", from the series of the same name aired by DC
Javicia Leslie plays Batwoman. Image: The CW/Disclosure

With power in her veins, she went on to perform acts she thought were right, even though Batman and others close to her disagreed with the dangerous methods. So, in the third season of the series, Batwoman and her team need to prepare for Hera to return with a plan for revenge.

In addition to introducing the villain, the 'Batwoman' teaser features quick cuts from Alice (Rachel Skarsten), the sister of Kate Kane, season one heroine played by Ruby Rose, behind bars, Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson) Wearing New Batwing Costume and Ryan Wilder, the current Batwoman, played by Javicia Leslie, guarding a plant sample that appeared at the end of the previous season. This last detail even anticipated the introduction of Hera.

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