Nintendo is working on a new controller for the Switch. The details of the joystick, however, are kept confidential for at least six months, at the request of companhia. Information from the new peripheral to the hybrid console was revealed in a file by the FCC, the international certification agency (formerly VGC).

What is known, so far, about the new controller is that it will be wireless and connected to the Nintendo Switch via Bluetooth. Schematics, user manual and block diagram follow in secret. They are expected to be revealed next year, as the FCC's lawsuit shows that confidential documents will be released to the public after the period requested by the company.


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According to the site Gamespot, the confidentiality request was sent in a letter, signed by a Nintendo representative. “The app contains technical information that we consider to be trade secrets and proprietary. If made public, the information can be used to the applicant's disadvantage in the market”, says the correspondence.

The new control will not replace the Joy-con, but fix a problem that current console joysticks have. After about four years on the market, the Nintendo Switch controller still gives users a headache, with one of them entering a direction without being touched by the player. This has become so frequent that Nintendo's president Shuntaro Furukawa filed an apology last year.

Nintendo Switch. Image: Wachiwit /
The current Joy-con has a flaw that has even become an apology for the company. Image: Wachiwit /

The console was unveiled by Nintendo in October 2016 and officially launched in March 2017, but it only reached the Brazilian market in September last year. The country even receives only now the lite version, already in pre-sale, scheduled for release on October 1st.

Remember that the Lite model works only as a portable, without the controls being detached. The Brazilian version is on Amazon's website in promotion, for R$ 1.650,75, which can be paid in up to ten interest-free installments on credit cards. As a Prime sale, the Nintendo Switch Lite has free shipping.

Street: Gamespot / GameRant

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