According to a survey conducted by the OTRS Group, several companies around the world are suffering from the support of Information Technology (IT) for home office employees.

The study points out that the problem has been going on for a long time, but it has worsened even more with the Covid-19 pandemic which forced several companies to send their employees home to avoid the risk of contamination.

Graphic representation of information technology
Research shows that home office employees are disappointed in IT support. Image: Shutterstock

“With the pandemic caused by Covid-19, companies have adapted to their employees working from home. Obviously, the change has brought many concerns regarding data and information security”, said the general director of the OTRS Group for Brazil and Portugal, Luciano Oliveira.

The survey interviewed 500 executives from Information Security and another 500 service desk professionals from Germany, Brazil, the United States, Mexico and Singapore, and showed that 47% of volunteers expected to be assisted by IT within 30 minutes.

Another 69% expected help to come within 60 minutes. The IT service was up to 60 minutes for 39% of respondents, and over an hour for 28% and over a day for another 28%.

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According to 55% of those responsible for the IT sector of the participating companies, there has been an increase of more than 25% in technology incidents since employees started working in the home office, greatly increasing the demand in the sector.

“Last year was difficult for almost everyone. Companies have been working to adjust to the new reality, which includes more remote workers. However, it is important for companies to take a holistic view of their support and service desk activities to ensure that their employees, as well as customers, have the support they need to excel in this new environment,” said COO of the OTRS Group, Christopher Kuhn.

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