A Hyundai announced that it will delay the release of Ioniq 6, its new electric vehicle, to focus on structural changes in the car's design and battery capacity. The date, which was estimated for the first quarter of 2022, is now scheduled for the middle of next year, between May and June.

The changes announced are an increase of 20 mm in the car's length, reaching just over 4,9 meters, which corresponds to the measurement of the (recently suspended) Hyundai Grandeur sedan. The battery changed from 72,6 kWh to 77,4 kWh, which puts the launch in a range of 500 km on a full single charge — more than the long-range version of the predecessor, Ioniq 5, with 430 km.

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(Image: Reproduction/Hyundai via Auto 1)

According to the automaker, the redesign will substantially modify the headlights and front and rear bumpers. The launch's new look is expected to have more appeal to a younger target audience.

There are still no price estimates for Hyundai's future launch. However, his reign already has a date to end: the automaker has already announced that the successor, Ioniq 7, should hit the market sometime in 2024.

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(Image: Reproduction/Hyundai via Auto 1)

Change in Ioniq 6 includes front LED light grid

Apparently, part of the delay in Hyundai's schedule for the launch of the Ioniq 6 may have to do with the inclusion of an unprecedented technology. Internal documents also reveal that the vehicle will come to market with a “light grid” on the front, with customizable LED lighting.

The grille, developed in June this year by Hyundai Mobis, can be used as a means of communication on the road, customizing colors to indicate whether the car is on autopilot or battery recharge. The lights can serve as a warning to pedestrians if they are too close, or even display a knocking sound.

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Image: Reproduction/Hyundai via Auto1

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