It looks like a crystal in an esoteric store. Or maybe one of the Star Wars Imperial cruisers. But it's a functional vehicle, a concept that often appears on car lists most bizarre of history, and now it can be yours. Lo Res, as it is called, is being auctioned by the Petersen Automobile Museum in Los Angeles.

sculpture on wheels

The term “car” doesn't do the Lo Res justice. It's more of a deconstructive artistic interpretation of the Lamborghini Countach, trying to reduce it to a geometric shape.


It was created in 2016 by Italian designer Marcello Gandini, under the sponsorship of United Nude, a Dutch sports shoe company. “The Lo Res car can be described by a conceptual design experiment, not a conventional car,” described United Nude then. "Its abstract appearance makes it look like a mobile magic sculpture."

In practice, the sculpture is made on a steel base with a polycarbonate body, transparent on the inside, reflective on the outside. There are no doors: the entire bodywork moves to make room for someone to enter, opened with a remote control.

The Lo Res has an electric motor and its speed is limited to 50 km/h. Limited for good reasons: it's not safe at all. There are no mirrors and the interior, with absolutely no technological convenience, is more kart than Lamborghini. It has a hexagonal steel steering wheel, two fixed seats and no seat belts, in front of a rigid steering bar, which would make any accident catastrophic.

It's not a car for practical use, anyway. It would never receive a license in its natural state.

The car is bizarre, but it goes

Which is not to say that no one did. To promote the auction, the museum allowed YouTuber Doug DeMuro to review the car. Worth every minute:

If you want the magic for yourself, you can register to bid through this link on museum website. There is no date or minimum bid entered. The amount collected will be divided between the museum itself and the NGO DriveH2, which sponsors the adoption of hydrogen technology.

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