While it looks a lot like a Pixar animation, the video you'll see below is real (and very cute!). Flamingos were spotted by a underwater camera feeding on zoological of San Diego, USA.

Be sure to turn up the volume to hear the cute noises these clumsy birds make when eating.


The flamingos' pink color comes from their food.

As described by the zoo, "these cute pink birds feed by sucking water and mud in front of their beaks and then pumping along the sides." 

Salted plates called lamellae act as tiny filters, trapping Shrimps and other small aquatic creatures for the flamingos to eat. And its color comes precisely from this diet rich in carotenes. Now, a curiosity: according to the San Diego Zoo website, once they fall, the flamingo's feathers quickly lose their color.

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Image: San Diego Zoo

According to variety blog Kottke, flamingos live in large, shallow ponds or lakes. These bodies of water can be quite salty or caustic, too much for most other animals. 

In some lakes, the only "neighbors" of the flamingos are algae, diatoms and small crustaceans. This favors the pink bird, which feeds on these little creatures.

Their long legs allow them to penetrate deeper water than most other food-seeking birds.

Why are flamingos on one leg? 

According to the zoo, scientists aren't sure why flamingos like to stand on one leg. 

There is less heat loss from the leg if it is fitted close to the bird's body; however, this behavior is also seen in hot climates. Another explanation is simpler: it's probably a comfortable standing position. 

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