New for those who like to chat! The Clubhouse is developing a new way to invite interested people to the audio rooms in your application, this according to the screenshots shared by researcher Jane Manchum Wong.

As such, the invite feature is called “Waves”, focused on the social side of the Clubhouse, rather than live calls focused on the creator. The researcher shared images that allow you to wave to friends, much like the hand in the Clubhouse logo, to invite them to a chat.


If they respond, they will automatically be placed in an audio room for you to speak. On the other hand, a spokesman declined to comment on Wong's discovery, but it seems very likely that the feature will be aimed at the Clubhouse's social rooms.

The Clubhouse has been acquiring a number of new features and consider it as a business strategy, focused on the professional uses of its app. One of the goals of releasing a pilot episode for new programs, for example. 

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Source: The Verge

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