iPhone Mail is Apple's email platform that can even merge multiple accounts (be it Hotmail, Gmail or iCloud) into a single terminal. In addition to the various possibilities for configuring the service, such as add auto signature e change gesture options, you can also set the service to send alerts only for important emails.

The feature is very useful as it avoids that flurry of useless notifications. The tool works by creating a “VIP list”, in which we only add important email addresses.


It is also possible to configure the sound and the type of alert for the vip group, differentiating it from the general group of emails and making the notification even more personalized.

It is noteworthy that the "VIP List" only recognizes contacts on your phone whose information contains not only the person's phone number, but also the email added to the registration.

follow the tutorial below and see how to get your iPhone to notify only important emails.

How do I get notifications only for important emails in iPhone Mail?

1. Open the Mail app, click on the “VIP” option located within the main menu of the service. Then click on “Add VIP”;

2. Once you find the contact you want to add to the list, click on it. To add other contacts to the VIP list, tap “Add VIP” again. Do this until you've added all the people you want to include on the list. Then configure the alert sound for notifications by clicking “VIP Alert”;

3. Customize the notification sound by clicking “Sounds” and choosing the audio you want to play when important messages reach your inbox.

For the configuration to work, you need to keep the "Allow Notifications" and "Notices" selector keys turned on.

You can also refine some settings: if you want to see a preview of the received message, for example, just leave the option “Always” enabled in “Preview”, under “Options”. If you don't want to see any preview of the message, change the setting to “Never”, or switch to “When Unlocked”.

4. To receive alerts only from the VIP group, go to “Settings” in the general phone settings. Look for the “Mail” option and then click on “Notifications”. Finally, disable all notifications leaving the selector key in “Allow Notifications” disabled, so only alerts from VIP emails will reach you;

It is worth mentioning: If your phone is in silent mode, the sound alert will not work. So be careful when setting up notifications so that you only receive what you actually want to receive.

5. To edit the VIP field, go back to the “Mail” settings and always click on the ball with the “i” icon. To add new email addresses, click “Add VIP…”. If you want to remove any contact, tap on “Edit”, then on the red ball that will appear on the left side of the contact's name and, finally, click on “Delete”.

Ready! Now you know how to customize iPhone Mail to send alerts only to important emails.

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Credit main image: Radu Bercan/iStock

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