Edward Snowden, security analyst which gained fame by unveiling in 2013 a surveillance program international orchestrated by the US government's National Security Agency (NSA), it is advising people not to use ExpressVPN. The guidance comes after the virtual private network service hires Daniel Gericke as Chief Information Officer (CIO).

Gericke is one of three former US intelligence agents who were accused by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) of participating in Project Raven, which involved creating spy tools for the UAE. This operation, among other things, carried out the hacking of US citizens, activists and heads of state.


ExpressVPN's new CIO and other former agents (Marc Baier and Ryan Adams) have agreed not to contest the charges of the Department and to pay the fines imposed. On Twitter, Edward Snowden wrote "If you're an ExpressVPN customer, you shouldn't be." The analyst also shared a tweet from Joseph Menn, an investigative reporter about security cybernetics.

ExpressVPN was aware of the facts

ExpressVPN said it knew the “key facts” of its chief information officer's previous employment before hiring him. In a statement, the company said the director "proactively and transparently disclosed" key facts relating to his track record.

In addition, ExpressVPN stated that “it was his history and experience that made him an invaluable hire to our mission to protect the privacy and user safety”.

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“Daniel has a deep understanding of the tools and techniques used by the opponents we intend to protect the users and, as such, is an expert uniquely qualified to advise in defending against such threats. Our product and infrastructure have already benefited from this knowledge to better protect user data.”

In the records of the court prosecuting the former agents, there is a violation of the International Regulations de Traffic of Weapons and conspiracy to commit fraud in access devices and computer hacking crimes.

Court records say the three former agents made a exploit zero-click, which allows you to take control of a device without any user interaction, and they implemented this in Karma, the hacking system used by Project Raven in the UAE.

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Image: Laura Poitras/Praxis Films/Wikimedia Commons/CC