The idea is to meet the app deliverers. So the main focus is cost: the Shineray SH 125 Worker arrives in October as the cheapest motorcycle in Brazil. But with at least one advantage over the competition: style.

It's an audience that only grows. According to a survey released in April by the Locomotiva Institute, 14% of a total of 32,4 million people who depend on apps for life do so with delivery apps, in a total of 4,5 million Brazilians.


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The Chinese brand, founded in 1997, produces all types of vehicles, but, in Brazil, with a plant in Suape, Pernambuco, specialized in cheap motorcycles and scooters. That's where the difference comes in: the 125's design seems inspired by an international “retro” model, the XY-400.

It's a cafe racer style bike. The almost straight profile is typical of motorcycles used by British rockers in the 60s, who congregated in cafes and disputed races with them – hence the name. To make them faster, owners removed all non-essential items or replaced them with lighter ones. Hence a certain “naked” functional aspect.

Cheapest motorcycle in Brazil and looking like a motorcycle

As for what really is the basis of the project, Worker takes the title of the cheapest motorcycle in Brazil from the Honda Pop 110i, which has a suggested price of R$ 7.330. And sends to third place Shineray itself, with the Jet 125 2X being R$ 8.390,00.

It's not for much in relation to the Honda bike: the suggested price is R$ 7.290. But if you look at these other two models, they have a scooter-style look, while the SH125 Worker looks like a motorcycle, and classic.

From the specifications, it's worth what it costs: a 125cc engine with 7 hp, in a device weighing 98 kg. The tank is reasonable for a motorcycle like this, and to serve delivery people, with 14 liters of gasoline – no flex or hybrid options. It has three color options: matte black and black bench, matte black with bench or brown and silver with black white. Maximum speed and consumption have not yet been released.

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