Apple released on Monday (20) the latest version of its operating systeml, iOS 15. Many new features have arrived with the new software, which you can check out here, but among them, changes to the iPhone notifications settings with Focus mode are the ones that are getting the most attention.

What is Focus Mode?

Focus mode is an evolution of 'Do Not Disturb' mode, a tool that serves to manage calls, alerts and notifications, making it possible to silence everyone if necessary. The purpose of the feature is to reduce the distractions that the cell can bring, with alerts from social networks and calls at inconvenient times, for example.


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Now how Update, the user will be able to create different profiles in the tool, blocking notifications from certain applications and pausing specific features. Some apps will even show contacts that the user has this mode enabled.

Does iOS 15 work on all iPhones?

iOS 15 is only available for iPhones from generation 6 onwards, including the Plus and SE version. Those launched from 2018, such as the XR, for example, will have even more functions enabled, as they are the most recent and technological devices from the apple brand.

How to use Focus mode on iPhone?

1. Go to “Adjustments” and click on the “Focus” option;

2. The app already offers you some favorite suggestions for using the mode, such as 'Do Not Disturb' or 'Work' settings. However, by clicking the “+” you can add specific profiles with themes you want to focus on, such as “Exercises”.

For our test, we chose “Work”, to add settings within a certain period that allow us to have no distractions while working;

3. Then tap “Next” in the feature's presentation and as a first setting, click “Add” to choose which contacts can send notifications when Focus mode is activated;

4. In the option “Calls from” define the contacts that will be able to call you when the resource is active. If you do not want to receive any calls, select the “Nobody” option and tap “OK”.

In the selector key “Allow repeat calls” you can also choose whether to authorize a contact to call you more than once – in case you do not answer the first time;

5. At the end of the settings, click on “Allow” to advance to the next settings;

6. In “Apps That Can Send Notifications” the intent and step-by-step procedure for “People Who Can Send Notifications” is the same, only now referring to apps.

Then, under "Allowed Apps" click "Add" and choose the apps that will be able to send notifications. Then tap “Ok” and “Allow”;

7. When configuring all the settings, finish the process by clicking “Ok”;

How to activate Focus mode?

You have two ways to activate Focus mode:

Through the Command Center:

1. In the iPhone Command Center – that screen that appears when you drag your finger from the bottom to the top – click on the “Focus” option, which with the update will now also be available in this way. Then click on the profile you created – in this case, “Job”. There you go, Focus to Work mode will be activated.

Through the Focus app:

1. Enter the profile and activate the mode selector switch, in this case “Work”. In this field you will also find options to let other users know that you are in Focus mode. Just activate the “Focus Status”.

It is also possible to hide the notification notices – those little balloons on top of the apps – by clicking on “Home screen” and activating the key “Hide Notification Notices”;

2. You can also schedule Focus activation. Click on “Add Schedule or Automation” and set the time, location or application for the feature to start working on its own.

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